Re-Post: SER2 @ WSC2013 (English Article)

My article on has only been available on recently, so I decided to re-post the original English version of the solar racing strategy article here to keep it world-readable (chmod+r, sort of). The German counterpart is to be found here:

A Data Scientist’s Race Summary for the 2013 WSC

What’s a data scientist to do during a solar race, being embedded into a team of engineers and drivers, you may think? Well, if normal telemetry (as used by nowadays’ cars) is providing you with streams of data, a data scientist turns this into useful information. You’re essentially going from answering the question How fast are we driving? via How far can we go at that speed? to Where’s that going to rank our team in the end under different weather conditions for the next five days? This article will explain a few details of that job and may hopefully give you an idea of what all those data scientists do.

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